FAQ of the International Tattoo Convention Aschaffenburg

1. Is it possible to get a tattoo at the convention?

Yes, that’s the meaning of a Tattoo Convention. You can get tattooed spontaneously. You further have the possibility to get tattooed from a national or else an international Tattoo-Artist without leaving your country.

2. Do you need an appointment for a tattoo?
It´s recommended to contact the Tattoo-Artist in advance, who will be guest at the convention, to talk about the details and the prize. (List of Tattoo-Artists on our website.)

3. Are children allowed to visit the Tattoo Convention Fulda?
Yes, children up to 12 years of age have free entrance. Students pay 10 Euros. Teenagers under 18 years of age are not allowed to get tattooed or pierced at the Convention unless they are with their parents or a legal guardian.

4. Can I take my pet to the convention?
No, for hygiene reasons pets are not allowed.

5. Kann man Tickets auch online vorbestellen? Welchen Vorteil hat das?
Der Vorteil einer Vorbestellung ist, dass Du längere Wartezeiten und einen eventuellen Einlass-Stop umgehen kannst.
Der Ticketvorverkaufspreis liegt bei 10,00 Euro für das Tagesticket (10% Rabatt).
Den Button zum Ticketvorkauf findest du auf unserer Startseite!

6. Can I buy tickets online? Do I have any advantages?
The advantage to buy tickets online are avoid staying in line, if there might be an entry stop you will still get in with your ticket. The ticket advance booking price is 10% of discount. You’ll find the link to the ticket advance booking on our welcome page.